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Hi All, 

My husband is getting made redundant from his job in the mining industry and so we are looking at other avenues at the moment-we are very interested in him becoming an IR. My dad, uncle and cousin all work in the industry but I have never asked them too many questions about it, and all of them are currently at sea so I was hoping I might get some answers here before I speak to my dad in a few weeks time. 

I hear all the time that IR's earn good money, and was wondering if it would be a similar wage to the mining industry (120k ish) once training is completed? 

I have been looking at the award rates under the Maritime Offshore Oil and Gas award, and the hourly rate is anything from 22.75 to 28.41, which doesn't seem very high (though I understand that allowances are added to that). But then I read an article about Schedule 1 IR's earning 174k. I have also read that IR wages are between 70k and 90k. Is there a difference between a normal IR and a Schedule One IR? 

What is the best way to try and pick up a sponsorship? Would it be worth a visit to the MUA to get some assistance? 

We may be able to self fund the course, would this increase employment prospects or are we better off trying to gain sponsorship first? 

What is the 'traineeship' wage? 

Is this a good time in the industry to try and gain employment? 

Sorry for all the questions about money, we are just trying to find out if it is worth going through all the training, time away from home etc or if he should just focus on trying to get re-employed in the mining industry. 

We are, as you can understand, very keen for my husband to get another job ASAP, we have our second baby due in a couple of months and so working full time for me isn't possible right now! 

I really appreciate all your help. 



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My husband is currently a Trainee IR - he too lost his mining job last year - he was in exploration.  My father was an officer / captain right up until his death last year.

As a TIR my husband is earning $529 a week after tax.  For the first three months at college it was about $100 a week less.  It is very risky to put yourself through college without a sponsor / position on the METL trainee-ship program.  Getting the 40 weeks sea time required can be very difficult.  Having said that, in this industry connections are everything and with your family connections, he is in a better position than many.  My husband is sponsored by ASP due to my dads long history with them.  I do know one chap, who put himself through AMC - on a more in depth course than the TIR's do - it took him many months, with no connections, but he eventually got put on as a cadet by ASP recently. He is a very high calibre of employee.

The wages can vary, some companies pay close to $100,000 for an IR who has just completed training - for an 8 hour day 6.5 days a week.  other companies pay closer to $80,000 and the guys need to work overtime - ten hour days - to earn the same kind of money.

I could be mistaken, but as an IR it will take several years and further training to achieve a $120,000 salary.

You will hear different views on the viability of the industry.  The current government is doing its darndest to make it easier for companies to employ foreign crews on crappy wages, with minimal red tape required.  There is definitely still work, but we are certainly living in fear of the rug being pulled out from under us at any moment.  Especially after losing out in the mining down turn.  I am also pregnant (qith number 3), so we are in a similar situation and I feel for you.

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I should also add.  If you do get a company willing to sponsor him on to the METL traineeship, he will still need to go through a fairly rigorous application process to get onto the traineeship program.

I think some companies will directly sponsor TIR's through the AMC course and give them their sea time, but I am not 100% sure who / how that works.  Yes the union can also sponsor people.  if you go on with union sponsorship, you don't have a guaranteed job at the end and can finish up on a fairly long list of guys who are trained, but don't yet have a job.  The union does advocate with employers to try and get those guys employed.  Earlier this year the list was 80 people long.

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My husband, told me to add, that as a qualified IR, he can make a lot more money on off shore ships (going to oil rigs etc). But if you get sponsored by one company, it is pretty poor form to jump ship for an off shore company - so he might want to focus on companies that go off shore to try and get sponsorship.

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Mr Sam Kelly
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Spot on wife&daughter....I have various crane driving tickets with12 years experience...and with that I can expect to make about 160k a year at the absolute most... Thats if the IR/crane driving job job lasts for 12 months. Which generally they dont. As an ordinary IR you could expect to make between 100k to 120k if your lucky.

This figure of 170k a year is just fairytales.


Cheers and smooth sailing


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