1. Is it possible to have photos removed that viewers don't want there?

    Yes, just email me with a short explanation on why you don't want the photo in any of the galleries

  2. Can www.australianmerchantnavy.com send me out the original (larger) photos?

    yes....just hit the "contact me" button and i would be happy to send you out any photos you want. Also if I don't have certain photos I will try to source them

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Jobs at sea

  1. Can I get a job at sea on the Australian coast?

    Yes, If you are an Australian / New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. Go to the careers at sea website at: http://www.careersatsea.com.au/ for further information. Also contact the relevant union for the department you wish to work in. The Australian and New Zealand maritime unions are located in the "Links" section on this site

  2. Can I get a job at sea? Do I have the right qualifications or experience?

    Please post in my questions and answers forum, If you contact me directly I can answer some questions, but its better if everyone can see your questions, that way you will get more feedback from more sources.

  3. What companies hire Australian Seafarers and what companies provide traineeships for Australian Seafarers?

    Teekay Shipping Australia- Adrienne Murphy

    ASP Ship management - Tony Rowe

    TT line

    Trident shipping LNG

    Toll shipping

    Farstad Indian Pacific

    Mermaid Marine

    EMAS offshore ( i think they may be bailing out though)

    P & O maritime services

    Swire Pacific offshore

    OMS Offshore marine services

    TMS or Total Marine Services (AMS)


    Best to contact ASA, AMSA, the maritime unions or the maritime colleges for lists of more companies
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